C Series Straight Bradder

C Series Straight Bradder


Heavy duty air 16 gauge straight bradder commonly used for general interior finishing & trim, exterior finishing, cavity battens, furniture, wall lining, cabinets, paneling & architraves.

360° Exhaust: To direct air exhaust away from the user.
Bump Fire Trigger Option: Ideal for fast nailing.
Belt Hook: Always within reach when not in use.
Depth Adjustment: For flush fastening into varying material for a smooth professional finish.
Quick Clear Door: For removing staple jams easily. 
Two Step Quick Load Magazine: Reduces downtime.
No Mark Tip: To protect work surface from damage.

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Item Code Brad Range (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Operating PSI Fastener Capacity
NPN-C65 C Series (16ga) 15-65 299x73x279 1.68 80-120 100

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